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Siwaju was born in 1997, in the city of São Paulo, he currently lives and works in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Visual artist and researcher, investigating from the practice-poetic point of view at the intersection of time and ecologies by deterritorializing and reusing iron, donated or found, suggesting a direct relationship of belonging with structure, space and our bodies triggering a spin in linearity. Graduating in Visual Arts at UERJ, she is also an artist at the sculpture studio at EAV Parque Lage, at the Formation and Deformation Program, and at the Free School of Arts at Galpão Bela Mar, having also participated in group exhibitions such as Arte como Trabalho at MUHCAB, Idolatrada Save! Save! at Fábrica Bhering, as well as, at the Institute of Arts of UERJ, the exhibition Olha Geral 2022.

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